Self-service: Helping us build the new normal
September 1, 2020

Faced with mass global uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies recognize the need to adapt to this new reality and implement a more flexible customer service model. A common and natural reaction to this situation is one of deep concern for the future of our businesses and assets. After all, we have invested countless time, effort, and resources into these endeavors.

However, despite the current circumstances, the needs of the market do not go away. On the contrary, they increase. To meet the demands of a public eager for solutions to help them maintain a normal lifestyle, we must learn how to transform setbacks into opportunities.

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The economy must remain active without compromising public safety. To achieve this goal, technology is our most useful, flexible, and safe tool with which to provide quality customer service and increase revenue. A safe and functional alternative to normal face-to-face procedures is automated self-service, which has been implemented progressively over the last two decades by visionary companies. These companies recognized the importance of modernizing their operations and, to date, they are the least affected by the ravages of this pandemic.

In countries which were quick to implement automated services, such as China and South Korea, the impact of temporary shutdowns has been lighter and subsequent economic recovery has been faster. These countries' governments have implemented methods to control the spread of the pandemic through digital monitoring systems and self-service devices. This is a powerful example of how helpful digital self-service tools are, not only for businesses, but also for government bodies and other institutions.

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In this way, companies, institutions, and governments can operate remotely without losing revenue or exposing staff or customers. Self-service devices limit physical contact, and mobile applications eliminate it entirely, helping to provide hygienic service. These tools are easy to sanitize and help facilitate social distancing while citizens make their purchases, request government services, and pay their bills. 

These lifestyle changes are necessary, and the quicker we are to rise to the challenge and adjust to present needs, the more likely we are to continue operating in the future. Today more than ever, technology is your company's greatest ally, regardless of the size or nature of your business. The new normal doesn't have to involve sacrifices. It is a challenge, and those who recognize it as such and take advantage of the digital resources we have at our disposal will be victorious. The success of your business will depend on such improvements.

At Interlogic® we help you transform setbacks into opportunities, so that you can offer safer and more modern services to your customers while increasing your revenue.

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