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What should you consider before investing in a payment app?
September 14, 2020

Given current demands, it is necessary for companies and institutions to implement new strategies that allow them to maintain profitability. These actions are also beneficial for consumers, as they ensure the health and comfort of customers. Payment applications are an ideal option in this climate. Through the use of such apps, companies can increase their revenue while users remain in the tranquility of their homes.

The use of apps to receive payments is becoming more popular every day, as there is a growing sector of the population who spend most of their day with a mobile phone in hand. An app is a highly effective tool to reach this market, because it places a customer service center on each user's cell phone. This digital self-service option helps avoid the large costs associated with opening a physical branch, including infrastructure, permits, rent, and the hiring of personnel. All of the above are compelling reasons why payment apps represent impressive savings for businesses.

App de cobro (Págalo)

"A customer service center in the palm of your hand"

In addition to these benefits for your business, the application helps users to avoid delayed payments and manage their wallet. These apps provide consumers with constant payment reminders and a variety of convenient payment options, including direct debit using their preferred card. With all of these added conveniences and without the need to pay in person, it's easier than ever for your customers to make their payments on time.

Now that you understand the amazing benefits of payment applications, it is important that you know exactly what to look for in this type of mobile app. Some of these factors will depend on the nature of each business, its specific needs, and its target consumer. However, there are certain key features which are vital to the success of any payment app.

What should you take into account when determining the right app for your company?

1. The design of your app should always reflect your specific brand identity. From the logo to the color palette, everything should be consistent with your corporate image. This ensures that your customers find your payment app familiar, reliable, and easily recognizable.

2. The interface of the app should be both simple and attractive. It should be intuitive and easy for your customers to use. The easier the payment process, the larger your revenue will be.

3. Your app should be accessible to both iOS and Android users. That way, you ensure that the greatest number of clients are able to submit their payments.

4. Another essential aspect of mobile payment applications is the inclusion of security certificates that give users the confidence to enter their personal and payment information. 

5. Always make sure that your mobile app includes regular maintenance and technical support. By meeting this criterion, you ensure that it has all necessary updates to function perfectly.

6. It is also recommended that your app have a section for customer comments and suggestions, as well as a contact form. That way, you can be aware of areas of opportunity and solve your customers' concerns.

7. It's important to utilize advertising services to inform users about your app and encourage them to download it. No matter how amazing your app is, it will be of no use unless your customers are aware that it exists.

Technology offers us amazing options for the exchange of goods and services. If we want our businesses to grow, we must use these tools to empower them.

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