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Do you know how to reach the digital customer?
November 16, 2020

Over the last year, and especially as a result of the new normal we are experiencing, there has been a more rapid migration to digital media. This indicates that customers who once preferred traditional purchasing or payment channels are now looking for more secure ways to carry out their transactions. Such a situation poses a challenge for companies that still do not have the necessary infrastructure to provide self-service options. However, it also provides a great opportunity to reach a new market sector and maintain the loyalty of your existing customers.

The digital transformation has brought great changes in the way corporations and businesses offer their products and services. According to an analysis by the World Economic Forum, the development of better and more accessible technology is giving way to a more connected world. This report indicates that there are currently more than 8 billion devices connected to the internet and it is estimated that by 2030 this number will reach 1 billion. The digital shift, together with quarantine measures, presents a situation in which technology is our greatest ally to help businesses continue operating.

Likewise, the state of global connectivity indicated in such statistics also reflects the rise of a generation with the greatest access to information in history. Today's customer takes an active role in the purchasing process and expects to receive much more than just a product. For this reason, it is necessary for companies to update the service they offer based on an analysis of current consumer behavior.

If your company is in the process of automating its services, it is important that your team take into account the characteristics of the digital consumer - and the digital employee. This will be of great use when making decisions and implementing new strategies. Next, we will explore the particularities of this customer base so that you can plan successful strategies to reach them.

Characteristics of the digital consumer

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  1. Values immediacy. That is why it is important to offer products or services that the customer can access from anywhere and at any time. The digital consumer values their time, so if we want to remain relevant, we must provide an easy and simple shopping experience.
  2. Seeks quality. The current consumer expresses their opinion through social networks and uses their personal platform to influence others. So, whether it is a product or a service that we offer, it must be of the best quality.
  3. Trusts recommendations. Hand in hand with the previous point, reviews or recommendations greatly influence the behavior of the digital customer. For this reason, we must take user feedback as an indication as to how we should implement improvements.
  4. Compares between different providers. In Mexico, according to a report by IAB - Kantar this year, 90% of Internet users compare prices online before making a purchase or paying for a service. Therefore, we must seek to be competitive and offer differentiated experiences.
  5. Values their experiences. 73% of consumers indicate in surveys that the quality of a brand's customer service determines their loyalty to said brand. 86% are willing to pay up to 25% more for better service ( Ricardo Naya, President of CEMEX in Mexico / Colombia ). Therefore, it is essential to provide excellent service on demand.
  6. Demands personalized products and services. A distinct experience is essential for the digital customer. For this reason, we must be sure that our products and services are adapted to the client's needs. We must speak their language and establish service channels that adapt to their lifestyle.

Benefits of switching to digital and automating your services

Now, we may ask ourselves what are the benefits of adapting our business models to the needs of the digital customer. The advantages of automating services are many, making it convenient for both consumers and companies. The client benefits by obtaining continuous service from wherever they are, 365 days a year. They receive easy access without the need for long waits and lines, which has a positive impact on their perception of your company.

In turn, this allows companies to increase their revenue due to the simplification of processes and the ability to send notifications. Likewise, the implementation of automated solutions reduces operating costs, since they do not require the hiring of personnel or large infrastructure. As if that were not enough, a self-service device standardizes care, reaffirms your brand identity, and generates a record of operations. All of these factors allow for better administration and management of operations, as well as detailed analyses of results.

The switch to digital has stopped being an added value, and has become a necessity. Opening your business to automated service channels allows you to build customer loyalty and achieve your financial goals. At Interlogic® we develop solutions that adapt to the needs of each of your projects: from the creation of software to the production of special equipment, you get a personalized experience.

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