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Simplify your procedures in a practical and efficient way for the benefit of citizens.

Reduce queues and waiting times while increasing your collection capacity.

Serving your citizens

Extend your service hours and increase your service points without needing to hire extra staff. We help you provide a pleasant, transparent, modern and safe experience. 

Solutions designed for you

Service Organizations

We offer convenient solutions and payment options to increase collection capacity.

Public Utilities

Our self-service solutions create accessible payment options for each service recipient.

Civil Registry

Issue official minutes and documents in record time, without the need to increase staff.

Fiscal service

We develop practical and safe solutions to achieve goals in accounting and finance. 

Citizen Service

Our solutions reduce lines and help you respond to citizen inquiries quickly and easily.

Public Hospitals

Our devices have an accessible interface and help provide timely attention to your patients.

Goods and Concessions

We help to safely manage and protect public assets.


We systematize service processes and streamline citizen inquiries.


We design devices that help you provide an aesthetic and interactive experience for visitors.


Our solutions help you organize your catalog and provide dynamic service to users.

Multiple benefits

  • Tax collection
  • Bureaucratic procedures
  • Service payments
  • Cash receipts
  • Contributions
  • Reloading cards and passes
  • Information
  • Request filing
  • Official minutes
  • Distribution of documents
  • Bill payment
  • Payroll
  • Payment of services

Product lines

At Interlogic® we implement comprehensive self-service technologies. Our next-generation software and hardware are both flexible and secure, making it easy for you to create a unique customer experience.


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