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Your customers, your brand

With Págalo® you will have your own reliable and secure collection app at a fraction of its market value. Always availablewith all the power and support of Interlogic®.


What is Págalo®?

Págalo® is our flagship mobile application through which your users can keep up to date with their and their family's payments from their Android or iOS devices.

Mobile devices are here to stay!

  • Personalized with your company brand, logo, and color palette.
  • Authorized and published in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • With powerful advertising campaigns Instagram and Facebook focused on the new generation of digital users who do everything from their phones.
  • With a control panel in the cloud to monitor user activity.
  • Service supported and operated by Interlogic® 


White label

Your customers, your brand. Personalized with your proprietary logo and colors.


Your users will be able to pay bills for their home and business, as well as for family members.


Accepts payments with Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.


Keep users up to date with their payments.


Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to promote your app.


Your app will be up and running within 2 or 3 weeks.

Two apps in one

With Págalo® you will have a presence on both Google Play and the Apple App Store

iOS Version

Available in the App Store 

Android Version

Available on Google Play 


  • Receive payments from anywhere.

  • Serve all of your users simultaneously.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction in real time.
  • Always in the minds of your target market thanks to advertising.
  • Total self-service.


Smartphones and social networks are here to stay. Through Págalo® Kickstart, we will link your app with the new era of digital users who do everything from their phones or tablets.

image analysis

We analyse your current brand impression on social networks.

Facebook® page

We manage your presence on Facebook®.

Instagram® account

We manage your Instagram® account.

community outreach

We give attention and follow-up to your users on social networks.

social media guide

If you already have a marketing strategy, we provide a support guide.

ad campaign

We do a paid campaign for your app on Instagram® and Facebook®.



What are the advantages of Págalo® over traditional payment apps?

The implementation of Págalo® is very simple and entails a series of benefits compared to the development of in-house applications. The first of these is that you get an app that's focused on your brand, with your company logo, name, and colors, for a fraction of its market value. With Págalo®, you offer an innovative image and substantially improve your revenue.


How will my customers know that I have a payment application?

Your application will be published on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (Apple iOS). If you don't have a marketing team, we also offer our Págalo® KickStart program: a tailor-made plan by our marketing specialists with the aim of informing your users about the ability to pay using their mobile phones.


How does Págalo® help improve my revenue?

With Págalo® you will be able to send mass payment reminders directly to your clients' mobile devices. Additionally, customers can pay directly on the app using their debit or credit card. They can even make payments on behalf of family members using only the service receipt number, from anywhere and at any time!


How does the application help my customers?

Págalo® allows your customers to pay all their bills safely, quickly and easily - from wherever they are, and at any time they want.


How long does it take to customize my application?

The delivery time will be between 15 and 20 business days from the time your initial payment is confirmed. This time may vary depending on the availability of your company's technical and marketing teams.


How long will it take to receive payments after submitting my application?

You will be able to receive payments through your app from the moment it is delivered.


How long will it take for customers' payments to be transferred to my account?

The total amount of payments received through your app will be transferred weekly and payments reconciled daily to avoid service outages.


Will it cost my users to download the app?

Downloading your app will be completely free!


Will my clients have to pay commissions for the use of Págalo®?

You will be able to decide how commissions will be paid. Generally, we recommend paying 50% yourself and the other 50% by your users. Commission payments for the use of the application will be automatically deducted from your weekly deposit and an electronic invoice will be sent for the amount deducted. 


What is the daily transaction limit for users?

Your users will have unlimited access to their account statements, and to make all necessary inquiries and payments.


Does the application have a security certificate?

Of course! Your transactions and those of your clients are safe. All operations are encrypted and we have RSA 2048-bit security certificates (SHA256withRSA).


Who will manage the operation of my application?

All app management will be taken care of for you by our experienced Interlogic® team.


Who manages my social media outreach with the Págalo® KickStart program?

At Interlogic® we rely on a team of international marketing specialists to boost your brand image across social networks. We call this program KickStart because your company image gets an immediate head start the moment you become a member of Págalo®. As a member of our Interlogic® family, we lend you all of our support to ensure your success.


What are your technical support hours?

As a member of Págalo®, you will be able to access our customer service from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST. Any inquiry related to Págalo® KickStart campaigns may be addressed directly through your campaign executive when they are available.


How are chargebacks handled with Págalo®?

Chargebacks or payment cancellations will be handled in accordance with the the amount of the original payment owed by the user. Commissions will not be refunded because the original payment was fully completed using our service.


Who registers my customers in the application?

Once your customers have downloaded the app, they must register with their personal data and their customer number, user ID, or the number of the receipt they wish to pay. They can add as many receipts as they want!


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